These Are Some of The Most Horrifying Scientific Experiments Ever Conducted

#1. Soviet surgeon Vladmir Demikhov and his two-headed dog.


Demikhov experimented with transplants on animals between 1930 and 1960, and one of his “pioneering” experiments included trying to fuse two dogs together.

He took the forearms and head of small, 9-year-old dog and transplanted them onto a larger stray dog, severing the jugular vein, the aorta and spinal column of the big dog and linking her circulatory system to the little pup’s.

The two dogs could eat and drink separately, but died four days after the operation — and Demikhov continued his grisly work.

#2. Glow-in-the-dark pigs.


Many things can be genetically mutated to glow in the dark, but, in 2006, scientists from the National Taiwan University took genetic information from jellyfish and put it into pig embryos. The result was pigs that glowed, and their organs reportedly glowed, too.

The research was supposed to improve stem cell research and investigate human diseases, but people were just pretty freaked out.

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