10 Zodiac Signs That Will Make Terrible Couples

3. Cancer and Aquarius
An Aquarius likes to treat themselves and spend money without a care. They’re also carefree in the sense that they can relocate and start new without stressing out. Those who are not so go-with-the-flow could find this anxiety-inducing and annoying. The free spirited Aquarius will get the independent homebody cancer impromptu tickets to Hawaii for the same night, which will lead to a big blow-up, and the Aquarius will probably correct the Cancer, which will annoy them even more.

4. Libra & Pisces
These two signs are so indecisive – making a decision will take forever. The back and forth will be more stressful than it is cute. Both signs also hate conflict, which lead to passive aggressive fights and a lack of communication. Similar traits can be good, but in this case in can tear you apart. Unfortunately, the passive nature of these signs lead them to run away from each other when they need to hold each other the closest.

5. Sagittarius & Capricorn
The sexual chemistry might not be off the charts with this one, so it’s a good thing to know in advance! A Sagittarius will always feel like their Capricorn is preventing them from having fun. Capricorns are more serious and responsible while the Sagittarius will be more on the reckless side. Turning from mate to mom is never fun.


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